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March 22 - Ginevra Castellano

Design of Social Intelligent Robots and their interaction with humans
Robotisation is increasing in all areas of society, requiring robots to be able to interact with humans. Like all technologies, robots may not only bring benefits, in fact, robots can change how we think and behave. So how can we develop human-centric robots and still preserve human agency and autonomy? Meet professor Ginevra Castellano in a talk about how to create socially intelligent robots.

Watch the webinar "Design of Social Intelligent Robots and their interaction with humans" here.

February 22 - Peafowl Solar Cells

The Professor, the Entrepreneur and Collaboration to develop Peafowl Solar Cells.
Universities that are strong in fundamental research empowers materials and technical solutions at the absolute forefront of what is possible. Meet the professor and inventor Jacinto Sá and the entrepreneur and creator Per Edström in a talk about Peafowl solar cells as well as synergies, opportunities, and challenges when academia and companies develop new solutions together.

Watch the webinar "The professor, the entrepreneur and collaboration to develop Peafowl solar cells" here.

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