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16 november - doris rusch

Game design, Witches and Transformation
Playfulness is the key to transformation. How can the alchemy of play be harnessed in game design in order to transform ourselves and others? Meet professor Doris Rusch in a conversation about games designed for self-empowerment and inner integrity. 

Watch the webinar "Game desigh, Witches and Transformation" here.

20 april - robin augustine

Brain machine interface and the age of cyborgs.
Meet Robin Augustine, associate professor of medical technology, in a conversation about the first steps to be able to implant a chip in your head that can make your thoughts communicate with prostheses in your body.

Watch the webinar "Brain machine interface and the age of cyborgs" here.

april 6 - jonas bergquist

With hope for the patients with ME, one of the worlds most debilitating illnesses.
Meet Jonas Bergquist, Professor in Analytical Chemistry and Neuro Chemistry, at the Department of Chemistry-BMC, Uppsala University in a conversation about ME, one of the world’s most debilitating illnesses. Jonas talks about his research where they study the spinal fluid in ME-patients trying to get closer to the understanding of why the disease occurs and how we can treat it.

The conversation is in Swedish with English subtitles.
Watch the webinar "With hope for the patients with ME, one of the worlds most debilitating illnesses" here.

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