Upptech – A new centre for technology in Uppsala

Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

Upptech is a centre at the Faculty of Science and Technology. The centre will focus on promoting, distinguishing and strengthening the University’s research and education in technology.

Upptech has been formed to fill a large need to promote and distinguish Uppsala University’s research and education in technology.

Johan Tysk

‘Research and education in technology is important to us as a nation of knowledge, and our welfare and business sectors have a great need for cutting-edge expertise in technology. That is something we can contribute with here at Uppsala University, says Johan Tysk, vice-rector at the Faculty of Science and Technology. ‘We have world-leading research which needs to become more visible to the outside world, industry and funding bodies. It’s a very good thing that we now can promote technology at Uppsala University in a more focused way through the centre.’

Upptech will function as a channel in to the faculty for more complex technology related questions or initiatives that does not have an obvious recipient and may concern several departments. The centre will gather the expertise in technology, which today is spread out over a number of departments in the faculty and create a forum for coordination, discussions and common projects for implementations focusing on technology. A technology network is also being built around the new centre, to develop collaborative spaces and inspiration towards new projects.

‘At the same time it is important to also make use of the existing cooperation with the natural science subjects within the faculty. There is a great potential for exciting cross-border development projects’, says Johan Tysk.​

Maria Strømme

Maria Strømme, Professor of Nanotechnology at the Department of Engineering Sciences, is chair of the centre.

‘This is something I’m really passionate about. I have many different roles outside the University and I have noticed that our courses and our research in technology aren’t as visible as they should be. There are many advantages of a large and broad university, but there are also challenges in getting a field such as technology noticed, says Maria Strømme.

‘If more people know about the University’s technology research and education, technology students will become more sought-after by employers and the university will become a more attractive collaboration partner for industry’, she continues.

‘We have many thoughts and ideas. There is a lot we can and want to do’, says Maria Strømme.

Anna Malmberg