Uppsala University is consolidating efforts in technology related projects. We want to solve the societal challenges of tomorrow. And we want to do it together with companies and organizations across disciplines close to potential applications. Do you have an idea for a collaboration or just want to discuss something? 

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Mikael and Lina
Director and Project Leader of Upptech

Technology activities at Uppsala university

We do not have the solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. But we know one thing for sure: the journey towards a safer, better and more sustainable world will neither be simple nor straightforward.

Most societal challenges require new technology and know-how. Uppsala University is positioned at the forefront with world-class technological research and education. And the will to gain new knowledge for the benefit of the world runs deep in the 540-year-old walls. When people from different backgrounds and disciplines come together, things get truly exciting. And world-changing tech takes more than just tech.

Welcome to UppTalk Weekly – digital lunch seminars every Tuesday

UppTalk Weekly is a popular science seminar series via Zoom where you get to enjoy interesting conversations and interdisciplinary panel discussions with researchers from Uppsala University every Tuesday at lunch. The conversations revolve around socially relevant topics and where you as an audience have the opportunity to ask questions to our researchers. UppTalk Weekly is a part of the Faculty for Science and Technology’s online continuing education initiative for alumni and society.

Read about upcoming seminars and watch recordings from earlier seminars here.